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and mitt romney will within 251. krystal ball, they take the convention to tampa, the local endorsement endorses obama. that very same newspaper comes out and says president obama should be re-elected. and then gou to utah. you would presume a stronghold area for mitt romney. surely he's going to carry the state. but there, big local paper says no, president obama has earned re-election. what do newspaper endorsements mean in a 121st century campaign? >> it would be easy to dismiss them to say they don't amount a whole lot, there's so much media out there, but i actually think for a lot of undecided voters, who you might call low information voters, their local paper is still a go-to source for what's going on. it's a trusted source, it's reporters they know, it's editors that they know. so it can mean something in a swing state to those voters who are kind of on the fence. i think it can make a dense. >> ari, 18 days to go and the president is beginning to make his closing arguments. let's listen to what he was saying today in virginia, that is something of a summation of his case. >>
to come forward. in london amy kellogg, fox news. >>> dozens of local national guard troops are back home tonight after serving 10 months in afghanistan. members of the national guard's 273rd military police company received a warm welcome today at the d.c. armory. the soldiers were stationed at bagram air base during their deployment. eleanor holmes norton was among those welcoming those troops home today. >>> our spectacular october continues. >> another beautiful day today. >> beautiful day for them to come home. it will be even better tomorrow by 5 degrees warmer. i think we could touch 70 degrees tomorrow many places and you'll enjoy that, i'm sure. we have a couple showers and maybe a thunderstorm we have to deal with before the weekend. so we'll talk about the timing for that and baseball fans, game three tomorrow. we'll have to watch radar closely because it looks like there could be rain on the way, but it's a beautiful night here in the city. it will be chillier than last night but not frosty cold. listen, just in case you have friends in new england and they may be talking abou
, almost. you know, these local residents who had gathered here to watch this. they're getting to see a remarkable engineering feat along with a little bit of history, fredricka. >> casey, i know there are experts on the ground there, but it really does see at least from this vantage point, i'm 3,000 miles away, but it seems like there's an awful lot of room to the right for those wheels to kind of shimmy over and perhaps spare that tree as you just mentioned. those wheels can kind of turn in any direction, but it looks like a couple feet away from the curb on the right side. >> well, it was a couple -- it is a couple feet away from the curb now, but when it first arrived at this location, it was right up against the curb. there was no more room. within inches of the curb. so they had to back it um, reposition it, and turn it around. and i'm not sure the camera gives you the full picture, but you can see that it's now moving back in the other direction. maybe a little closer to the curb. it looks like -- i'm no engineer, but it looks like they're going to have to go left and right, le
con local contest. and the grower says it's all thanks to hard work, no funny business. >>> a map discovered buried in the vault of a historical vote shows george washington's encampment at valley forge, pennsylvania, could have changed this country's history forever if it had fallen into the hands of the british. the map was rediscovered two years ago during a routine inventory after being donated to the society in the 1940s. >>> and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here is nbc meteorologist bill karins with a weather channel forecast. >> heat exhaustion in l.a.? >> they were out there so long they had to treat like 30 people for xaugs waiting for the shuttle. we didn't see gigantic rainfall amounts, about half inch in bellingham. that was round one. round two later today, now a few showers at the higher elevations. as i mentioned, get red dirks keep the umbrella handy, now we'll see a big storm system coming in right behind it. this next storm system will bring heavy rain as you go throughout the afternoon hours and then as we go throughout the evening. that
to a local campaign office and handed out some pizza. he he realizes he has a lot at stake because of his first poor performance in his first debate. >> he knew when he walked off that stage and he also knew as he watched the tape of that debate that he's got to be more energetic. i think you'll see somebody who is very passionate about the choice that our country faces and putting that choice in front of voters. >> the president can change his style, he can change his tactics, he can't change his record and he can't change his policies. that's what this election is about. >> that's the spin from the campaign. we're here at hofstra university. a very different format from the first debate. the moderator is you're own cnn candy crowley and questions will also come from undecided voters in the audience on international and domestic affairs. >> that's like we like to called the wild card where things can actually get kind of wild. >> there is a lot riding on the second presidential debate. i don't think you need me to tell you that. as paul just told us, the candidates are spending a lot of
and the social influence much much expanded. >> eliot: the plutocracy, there has always been the local banker, the doctor, the lawyer, those who are viewed central to the decision making but they were integrated in the every day life of the community. now these are two separate worlds and the chasm has grown even bigger. >> this point about local is a key point eliot. for the people at the very very top its increasingly hard to define local. capitalism is global. markets are global. and people at the very top are increasingly living in a world absolutely apart from the rest of us, and they're becoming a nation unto themselves. >> eliot: and so rather than having a wealthy subset that we're still part of a local community, what you're saying you have an extraordinarily wealthy elite defines it's commonality globally and internationally. so the elite in new york, paris and london have more in common with each other than they do with their neighbors three blocks away. >> absolutely. and throw in mumbai, shanghai and moscow. this is a truly global group. this is not to impugn the patriotism of th
of the day today on your nbc station. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning. there will be a little bit of rain today. a couple of showers are possible. it is in the 60's, relatively warm. 61 degrees in randallstown. there are a couple of the sprinkles. we have a 40% chance for rain showers today. otherwise, a mixture of sun and clouds. we will check the seven-day forecast going all the way into the weekend. >> 4:57. >> two men were shot and wone killede after a house party. >> details on a push for fire safety. >> the memories of orioles magic will last for a lifetime. >> we will check your morning commute. an update on [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> is it going to rain today? >> it was beautiful yesterday. >> it was beautiful yesterd
, the fight taking place in one local county over the right to bring an unusual object to work. "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> take a good look at this mugshot. this is how an ohio woman looked after police arrested her for driving the wrong way on the highway outside cleveland saturday morning. they tried to stop her, but she kept speeding off. eventually, they did catch her. police say she was also drunk at the time. >>> a driver in canada apparently missed the construction sign. he was trying to drive through a construction zone when he ended up in a six-foot hole in the road. the man wasn't hurt, saying he was more mad and embarrassed than anything else. you've got to read the signs. stay alert. >> you see those metal plates on the road sometimes, and i always worry about, if i drive over the wrong point on that plate, i'm going in. >> boom. all right. >> 6:26 is our time right now. a million bucks for martian food. some of the more
but government, federal, state and local cut jobs. government cut a million jobs between 2010 and the middle of 2012. those tend to be middle class type of jobs with benefits. in the past couple of months we've seen that finally come to a halt, and government employment, you know, which people usually don't get too excited about, but that's been a huge detractor from the labor market. the last few months we've actually started to add jobs in government. >> you're right. >> teachers, civil servants, et cetera. i see that as a net positive. >> unless there's a fiscal cliff and you won't be adding government jobs, that's for darn sure. >> let's talk a little bit about the middle, and for the people in the middle, you could argue that the middle class has demand an awful lot over the past 20 or 30 years that sort of led us to this debt problem, led us to this deficit problem. they want homeownership for everybody. we want tax cuts. we want medicare part "d." we want an expansion of safety net programs and then this is what happens. there's no one in the middle to figure out how to pay for all th
concern, it could be in a little girls pirate costume in a little girls pirate costume >> live, local, late-breaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. >> 10 years ago today, a family of seven was tragically murdered for speaking out against drug dealers in their community. the dolphin family, a mother, father, and their five children -- the dawson family perished when their home was firebombed. >> 10 years later, it is still going strong. lisa robinson is live at the scene in east baltimore, where a memorial is about to take place. >> the city just finished up for the tent-year memorial. the dawson family may be gone, but they are kept alive in a special place in this community. >> students are heading into the dawson family safe haven program. >> the center opened in 2007 with city housing spending $1.20 million to demolish the burned out home and build the center. on october 16, 2002, there'll brooks kicked in at their door, doused the house and gasoline, and set the house on fire, killing angela dawson, her husband, and their five kids. >> to come up and nominal -- mem
to allstate i saved over $800 a year. [ host ] call your local allstate agent now and get one hundred dollars off your deductible the day you sign up with deductible rewards, and another hundred off every year you don't have an accident. down to zero! you'll be dancing too! let the good hands people give you great protection and a great rate. call your local allstate agent now for a fe quote or find one at 888-allstate. that's 888-allstate. >> jon: one of scenes this week in syria. it shows a syrian military helicopter exploding midair. rebels are taking the credit. the question is, there are an awful lot of things going on in the world. you frequently criticize the media here and elsewhere for not giving the coverage. >> it's very hard to cover syria. if i were an i had for, i'm not sure i would be sending reporters into syria right now. simply because the story is so violent, so dangerous and you can't even trust, quote the officials there so it's a hard story to cover. >> we have a big foreign policy debated. a lost concerns about the foreign policy of the obama administration. are the med
locally. lower prices. melissa: gasoline is getting hit? >> look at where we are coming from and we did it a two week low on the rbob future. generally speaking when you see the prices come down, really, rbob has been out of whack with rude. i do not know if it is that, but definitely part of the equation. melissa: big story there. keep an eye on it. lori: oil prices, gas prices, always political. let's talk politics now. the first presidential debate hours away now. my next guest says this is his best opportunity to do just that. it could also be his last. joining the now is ryan gardner. if it's great to have you back on the show. i will just cut to the chase, do you think will win we must. [laughter] i think ronnie has a chance to have a good night here. he needs to deliver a clear, precise message. he has already done a very tough thing critiquing and criticizing the president's record so far. he needs to close the sale on why he would be better. lori: almost like a broken record, right? being critical of romney saying we want more specifics from him. can he do more? is this the bes
on federal elections but it also covered state and local elections. you see a lot of interesting information about the groups that are buying ads on state issues like political campaigns and ballot measures. it is a good resource for people to see exactly what is going on in their city and also for journalists who are focused on states and local coverage to get a detailed sense of who is spending money. host: justin elliott, thank you so much for joining us. up next, tucker carlson will be here to talk about tonight's presidential debate. first, julie sobel joins us to look at the senate race in north dakota, a very tight senate race between rick berg and heidi heitkamp. this is a state where president obama is certain to lose by double digits. why is this senate race expected to be so close? guest: obama is expected to lose by double digits. people agree that heidi heitkamp is the one candidate decorative made this a close race for democrats. it would've been a republican pickup. has crafted an independent persona. people just say she has cut some good ads and this race has been a dead heat
to keep the polls longer than 6:00 p.m., which is when they were scheduled to close locally. having sdz that, things were calm where hugo chavez was voting. he voted and there was quite a bit of commotion outside after that. what is clear here, fred, and this is important in this very tight race, he says that he will live by the result, whatever it is, if that means that even if it sweeps him out of office. take a listen. >> translator: none of you should have the least doubt we will recognize the results regardless of what they are. >> reporter: and what's also interesting, though, while this has been determined by the carter center right there in atlanta saying that, look, this is a transparent system and one of the most sophisticated voting system nts world we had a locality of people worrying about who you were voting for. now, i want you to hear from another young student voting for the first time. listen to what he told me. >> reporter: you do not want to say who you were voting? >> yeah, because the vote is secret. the important thing is that every venezuelan is going to vote and
. the shuttle " tle df "endeavour heading home. why the hockey stand could shut down local businesses. >>> breaking the sound barrier without a net. that's what felix baumgartner is expected to do today. only cnn will bring it to you live. -- captions by vitac -- >>> it is sunday, october 14th. good morning, everyone. so glad you're with us. i'm randi kaye. we start this morning with the shuttle "endeavour" final journey. a slow, very slow ride through the streets of los angeles that is still not other. remember, we're used to seeing the shuttle going about 17,000 miles per hour but two miles an hour this weekend may have been too ambitious for "endeavour." john zarrella is hanging out watching the crawl. >> reporter: many people have waited eight, nine hours for the shuttle to arrive, but when it did, it was worth it. it had the road to itself, a parade of one. in tinseltown where seeing stars ho-hum, "endeavour" made everyone starry-eyed. cameras snapped. people looked on in awe as "endeavour" came into view. this was the first viewing area outside the old former arena
? >>reporter: he only came out briefly yesterday to deliver some pizza to local campaign volunteers trying to get-out-the-vote. it has been spent mostly behind closed doors at the kings mill resort. the aides are acknowledging he has to do a better job than last time. they are saying he will be more aggressive and passionate. but there is a flip side. since this is a townhall-style format with undecided voters if you come out too aggress ever and do some of what vice president biden did which became controversial with the laughing and interrupting, et cetera, that could come across as negative. the advisors say it will be a balancing act for the president tomorrow. >>shepard: thank you, ed. as i reported it is a dead heated nationally in the home stretch. now the real clear politics average of the polls, both are tied down to the the decimal point at 47.3 each. and governor romney has surged after the strong performance in the first debate. the tied race shows the importance of the debate. aides of obama say heel bring a new strategy and governor romney's advisors say they are ready for th
settling too after romney's debate bounce. and ohio is doing better because both the ohio local economy is doing better on the strength of the president's auto bailout and also because they've been so effective at framing the debate and talking about mitt romney and what his career has entailed and what his positions are, that it really has actually moved the needle there in a compelling way. >> steve, a lot of photo ops have a certain amount of phoneyness in them, but paul ryan going to the soup kitchen thing, they don't usually back fire that bad. rush limbaugh could have told them because he doesn't want them to disown that 47% comment. >> there are a lot of people who agreed with him when he made the comments about the 47%. so he's got to be very careful about -- i think -- it seems like the tendency is to just apologize thinking that will get it off the table. and it won't. that's just a brand new door opening. romney admits he was wrong. romney admits, romney admits. what else is romney wrong about? >> what don't they follow his advice on this one? >> rush limbaugh can't lose in t
documents this morning, we'll go to the maine for the latest on the scandal. your local news is coming up. >>> this is a cbs 5 eyewitness news morning update. >>> good morning, everyone, 7:26 your time. i'm frank mallicoat with the cbs 5 news brief. traffic it crawling through on northbound 101 because of a multicar crash this morning. >> traffic is finally moving again. all lanes are open on highway 101 north after an accident closed all lanes just after 5:30 this morning. five cars were involved. it started as a vehicle was on the side of the road and that car was hit by a car, and at orr another and another -- and another and another. and they slowly started opening lanes to get traffic flowing. all lanes are back open and the scene is clear, so traffic moving pretty much as it usually would this time of morning. not super fast because a lot of people are trying to get to work but all lanes back open. elissa harrington cbs 5. >>> next in traffic and weather i think you're going to like your forecast too, all coming straight ahead. stay right there. ,,,,,,,, >>> you just saw all lanes a
're looking for a wine weekend getaway, how local. >> if you have a consumer problem call our hotline. volunteers are there right now. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, >>> it's getting colder at night so the tomatoes are starting to go away. it is the beginning of august. it is fall. a lot of backyard tomatoes are starting to dis. a there are still some great ones but you have to store them right. make sure they're red. very important. all the way around. free from any greening. a little bit of yellow is okay but not green. something like this? that welcome back too green. that's not going to ripen up, i'm telling you. when you bring them home, like all tomatoes, you have to store the tomatoes on the counter. never store them in the refrigerator. tomatoes like this are great for slicing but not great for the tomato sauce because the sugar really isn't there. but the backyard tomatoes, in a few weeks, bye-bye, they're going to be gone. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. >> thank you, tony. >>> travel day for the giants as they head to st. louis for games three, four, and five. while they locke
. >> according to the various sources this is five u.s. agents. four local men securing the compound. when the massive attack began. ambassador stevens and others were escort it to barricaded building in the compound. unable to penetrate it, frustrated intruders had diesel fuel, ig noting oily fire trapped inside and somehow separated from the colleagues. ambassador stevens died of smoke inhalation. heroically, glen and another former navy seal ty wood managed to evacuate survivors fighting to a nearby safehouse known as the annex. >> he was on the roof. remained until everybody rescued from the safe house. because of him, all the people are still here today. then unfortunately, mortar fire was extremely accurate. >> tillekilled your brother and another sniper. >> yep. >> it doesn't sound like a spontaneous attack at all. >> no. from what i heard, it was well planned an well executed. it was not a bunch of angry protesters. >> news of the attack quickly spread. cbs news broadcast bloody scenes of the aftermath as kathety and family and friend tried to contact glen. there were military pers
vessels. the recent dump happened in ju off the west coast of canada, where the head of the local nation said it was touted as the salmon enhancement project. the nation president said the local people would have rejected the project if they had known of any potential negative consequences to the ocean. the national oceanic a graphic and emma's werke administration has announced september 2012 was tied for the warmest september on record worldwide. september marked the 331st month in a row with global temperature above the 20th century average. the last below average temperature for any month was february 1985. the american civil liberties union has filed a class-action discrimination lawsuit against morgan stanley for pedaling predatory subprime loans to african-american borrowers in detroit. the lawsuit alleges morgan stanley lent billions of dollars to new century, a now-defunct subprime lender, and pressured it to make loans to borrowers who cannot afford them. morgan stanley later packaged the loans and sold to pension funds and other large investors. cuba has announced it will scra
to the maine for the latest on the scandal. your local news is okay, at' havin? sunny-de up g, d,h... make a doue.ll havther ilyour own bgers are now atenny's. inspirion ca come from ywhere >>> they tell you never to do this on a train, and here's why. this young woman is playing around and sticks her head out the window, but there's another train coming the other way. it missed her, and thankfully everyone is okay. i can't even watch that video. all right, welcome back to "cbs this morning." >>> this next story almost sounds like peyton place. kennebunk, maine, is in turmoil over a growing prostitution scandal. >> police have release a list of 21 men who allegedly paid for sex with a fitness instructor. that list of names is expected to get much longer. seth doane is in kennebunk. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, charlie and norah. these are the headlines folks in town are waking up to. 21 people named. you can imagine in a town of 10,000, the scandal has rocked this community. it all began in the most unlikely place. what once was a fitness studio behind me. 29-year-old a
dot ccm. &p3 ann... locall.. n-ddubleea- -3 are... &psseaking out... on behalf... of... sameesex marr. marriage...//.at... ,,.,. baltimore news confeeence.../ thhy're... urging....reeidents.../ to... vott for... &p"question-6".... whhch... wouldd uphold... the law... &p passed.... this year... by,... the geeeral (jealous) we are pleased that question 6 is very ccear. this is about civil marriage, civil marriage is aacivii right and a matter of civil law, ppriod story."baatimore ciiy's also endorsing questioo sixx tomorrow night... preeident obama and goveenor mmtt romnny face offfin their second presidential ddbate. unddr pressure... after s receiving poor reviewssfrom tte llst debate.ttis ddbate... hhs a ifferent format.itts a town hall... moderated by c-n-n's candy crowley..ut it's ttee ndeeided voters wwo will be assing the questions. &p16 - :33 "the ccallengg is &pnot just with the people that the sttgeewith them -- sooe 80 or so unddcided voters as chosen by gallup, so thhy have to keep those fflks in mind. it's a much more intimate and
. he is in the tristate area, n.y. new jersey, connecticut declared major disasters. state and local governments for certain assistance from the federal government. if you need temporary housing or business loan, things of that nature are all freed up. just got this from the white house, fema is going door-to-door, people might need assistance at the coast guard and taking the lead to identify hazardous floodwaters. not exactly the cleanest water on earth. how do you dispose of that and also fema will support any request from state officials who need help with polling places next week, only a few days from the federal election. the irs is granting taxpayers affected by the hurricane until november 7th if they were supposed to file returns or payments for today. the fdic telling financial institutions if they are having problems with their reporting timeline they can contact them as well. campaign continues tomorrow. mitt romney will be in virginia. president obama back on the campaign trail. green bay, wisconsin, boulder, colorado, las vegas. melissa: thanks for that report. ashley:
as the locals call it. that is the bridge to the barrier islands. you've seen the pictures, that whole area devastated by hurricane sandy. you can still see a boat sitting out there in the middle of the median there, leading up to the bridge. now, a couple of hours ago we had a huge convoy of emergency vehicles go by, the office of emergency management for new jersey leading the way. tractor trailers, fire trucks, gas trucks, there were emergency workers and also crucially the national guard was going over there as well. what they're going over to do is set up a command post and then fan out across that area. some of those houses are yet to be searched. there are according to the local police still people who need to be brought from their homes. yesterday we watched as some of them were evacuated late in the day. several hundred apparently were brought over. this was an area that had a mandatory evacuation order, so many people decided to stay and ride it out. we were over there the day that sandy came in, got out before it arrived and spoke to several people who said, we're local, how bad
which we saw in the timber. it's complicated. and many local communities and global communities struggle to chart the right course in this complicated fray. our program, working where we are around the world is painfully aware that in the turmoil and the trauma that marks the environment of conflict and the nation democracies and countries facing significant political turmoil and transition, religious influence in shaping social attitudes and behaviors with respect to violence, governments and attitudes towards other groups is often heightened. and of course, religion heightened influence is not always for peaceful ends, particularly when the media is added to the cocktail that can incite violence, locally but also across the international borders and are increasingly shrinking world. again as we witnessed in september, 2012. our program also notes from our experience on the ground that in most cases, government and policy alone does not and cannot address religious dynamics that shape civil society. in fact in many instances, civil society organizations may be those best positioned well
against local multiple listing services. there are a variety of different ways we can do it. where there is overlapping jurisdiction sometimes takes more cooperation. for example, in certain areas like the ftc of a common carrier exemption. so a common carrier act, as a common carrier we can't bring a proceeding against them but for some things involving cramming of false charges onto a bill we could talk to the ftc who could focus more on carrier and ftc could focus on the third party aggregator who is not the carrier. >> next question. . . >> will they reach resolution or have things stalled. >> seize the microphone here, but i think the only person in the room who's actually involved in that process as an invited expert, and i have to say that it's not, it's not going well. [laughter] it's, um, it's really remarkable to me that, um, this process which i think many people in industry and in this country signed onto on the understanding that they reached with the white house in february that this was really intended to work out a techal specification -- technical spes fission case
happen to be, thank you for joining us, whether you're watching or listening on your local progressive talk radio station or watching on current tv, listening to sirius x.m., this is the place to start your day. i appreciate the fact that you do so. we are here with the entire team this morning. peter ogborn and dan henning hello, guys. >> good morning, good morning. phil phil backert has the phones this morning and cyprian bowlding keeping us on camera. >> by the way, that next debate will be in boca raton florida. >> bill: boca raton. >> it is getting colder here, they're going south. >> bill: monarch butterflies that's where he made the comments about the 47%. behind closed doors. some big mansion in boca raton. >> i don't think the debate will be in that house again. >> bill: what was said in that house may very welcome up in the next -- although the next one is all about foreign policy. >> if obama gets creative, maybe he can work it in somehow. >> bill: yeah, he'll work it. he had a good day yesterday. pre
're over 21. i noticed from some local news reports that, like college campuses every place, they have problems with drunken students and students binge drinking. they have been to be prepared to deal with this and to handle these students. there are some hard questions that these campus officials have to answer to parents and particularly this parent. >> yeah. tragedy, though, no matter how you look at it, for sure. paul, thank you. i know you're going to be back with us at the half hour. we're going to look at politics of religion. can pastors make political pitches to their congregation without jeopardizing their church's tax exempt status? we'll see you then as well. >> look forward to it. thanks, randi. >> the state's deputy attorney general and his wife are aauto accused of severe lay buzing two children they adopted from ethiopia. police arrested douglas and kristen barber after the kids had a doctor's visit. investigators say the doctor noticed several fractures on the 18-month-old girl's head. they say they may have suffered a stroke and be permanently blind from her injuries.
wanted to lease their land for oil and gas exploration. suddenly, local farmland that would be worth $15 per acre is now valued at $5,800. and leases allow farmers to keep a portion of the profits if oil and gas is found. >> in 2009, did you ever have a thought that might be this would happen? >> no. never. and when that check came, i cried. i cried. >> you did. >> because we have worked so long, so hard to get to that point that that one check brought us. it's incredible. just incredible. people really don't understand the plight of the dairy farmer throughout the years. the ups and the downs. mostly downs. >> carol is a coveted swing voter in this key swing area of ohio. >> i have voted both democrat, republican and independent. i voted for ross perot. i thought a business man might be able to pull us out of the rut we were in. >> so the issue of energy and what it means for the local economy is critical to carol's vote and it's personal. the first thing she and her neighbors did is pay off their debts. she wants to see the president do the same. >> i would like to see obama, president
deduction, charitable deduction, state and local. these are tax expenditures but no one thinks they are loopholes. they were done for good policy reasons. >> you don't think the president should stake out boles-simpson as a. >> the president said very nice things about the little talk i gave and the president has said he is not going to support anything that is the top ray. he agrees with me. >> want to raise the top rate? >> no -- the more revenues you get from the high end by not lowering and even going back to the clinton, the less in terms of tax expenditures you need dom one and the more revenues you have. when people say look, we will make it up, closing loopholes, easy to say, that's what everyone has said that's what romney has said what ryan has said. unfortunately, that's what boles simpson said you the idea a little more. when you start delineating how to do it. >> saying it is politically impossible? >> not just politically impossible it is substantively impossible, mathematically impossible, unless you cut middle class expenditures on sort of things that we believe
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